Today, I wish to introduce you to a tool for classroom organization called TeacherKit. It is an application you can use on your phone, tablet and computer to manage attendance, marks, data (it actually works with dropbox) and seating. All is available on their website and it also shows cool features such as passwords or distribution of the weight of the different grades.

Here is a video that shows how it works and what it can do :

What is cool and the advantages of this tool and how you can use it (positive elements) :

– You can put behavior notes for each of your students and, as teaching with ipad mentions it, you can keep track of previous classes and students. This makes it useful for ESL specialist since we tend to have the same students every year (most likely in elementary school).

– You can see how they are doing with a bar that shows their general grades.

– You can store all the student’s data in one app, as mentionned by Educreator in a blog 

– You can add pictures to the desks of your students. Imagine a young ESL teacher who has 200 different students to remember, problem solved.

– As Educreator in a blog mentions it, it is quite safe. Indeed, you can have backups with dropbox or email and a password is available.

– As Teacher cast mentions it, usually you can have different apps to do the same thing but with this tool, it’s all in one app.

– You can take notes of your lessons.

– It basically does the job of a TA, as appato mentions it.

– It’s free (and this is important)

What is less cool and the disadvantages of this tool :

– As dgreenough mentions it, it would be nice to customize the days of the schedule so it could fit with your school’s.

– There is not much creativity and the students do not have acess to it directly.

– It offers many tools but I believe it could be even better.

Anyways, this is still a good tool and, as one of their mottos says : no classroom without it.


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