How to use GoogleDrive/Googledocs for ESL activities.

As an ESL teacher, I am called upon using ICTs in my classroom and two of the tools to be used are Googledrive and Googledocs. I will, in this post, offer the different ways of using these tools as shown by others and some that come from my imagination. I have classified the different uses in two distinct categories : Technical and creative.

1. Technical ways :

– Assignment collecting. This idea came from Susan Oxnevad who presented the idea that students can hand in assignement to the teacher making it an easy way for the teacher to collect them without using paper and without having to collect a lot of sheets that can be lost. She shows easy steps to do so. It is great for ESL activities for they can be tallied easily by the teacher. It can also be easily graded.

-Quiz correction. By making a simple quiz, the teacher can ensure an easy way to grade students directly from computers without having to correct on paper and transfer all the data from paper to computer, making it great for ESL exams and activities that require grading.

– Giving instructions and templates. I will use this tool in order to make templates for activities so my students can go directly on the googledoc I have created and do the exercise or activity I have given them. They will also be able to save them and work on them simultaneously.

– I will also use it, as the official google blog presents it, with my tablet (being an ipad). I will be able to have access to my students work and templates. I will be able to go around class and show different googledocs and even show live examples from other students who are currently working on a project to those who need them. It will make ESL activity sharing way easier.

2. Creative ways :

– Collaborative writing. This is probably the greatest way to use this tool for many people (including the teachers and parents) can work on the same document at the same time. There are different ways this aspect can be used for ESL activities. I will probably ask my students to do so for these tasks and I will also grade these tasks directly on the sheets given by my students.

– Brainstorming. With the drawing tool, students and teachers can build mind maps and other visual clues and effects. Students will be able to write as many words as possible for free writing sessions in my classroom with the help of this device.

– Optical Character Recognition. I will use this device that works with google docs. As seen on this webpage, this recognition tool enables you to scan and take pictures with ipads, phones or tablets and convert them into a googledoc document. This can be easily used for a creation task where you can show student’s works instantly and have the other work on it even if that same student is not working on the internet. The possibilities for ESL activities is great and I will surely use this device

– Reading. As Melanie Swider points it out, I can use this tool after Reading sessions for sharing comments or even, and this is the fun part, for modifying books and chapters with the optical character recognition. I will certainly go around in the class, pick a random page from a book that one of my students is reading and have a creative activity with my students on google docs where they can all interact on the same page by modifying certain words or sentences.

– Writing a progressive story. The students, as pointed out on this site, can write a progressive story with this tool since it is saved automatically and easily sharable.

-Creating a survey or research paper with all your class. I will surely use this with my classroom especially since the students can have access to the document and create graphs with my students as seen on this video. I will then be able to have one huge project with a bigger population instead of having multiple little projects with a non significant population .  I will be able to teach them the principles and different vocabulary units related to research.

These are the different ways I intend  to use this device. There are other ways but the other ways I will use this device are related to one of these. This is a great tool and there are so many ways you can use it. All you need is creativity.


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