Camtasia relay

Last year, for a distance course, I had to prepare a powerpoint presentation for the teacher by using camtasia relay, a tool used to add voice while recording your screen. The first point you have to consider when you want to use this software, is the different advantages that the brand tries to demonstrate. I will comment these aspects and try to define them in a more critical point of view.  If you want a great overview of the software, see this document.

You can also watch this video for it gives a great overview.


1. It is easy to use.

The program is indeed really easy to use. You just click three times and thats it, your done.  Actually, I would say it is too easy to use and that makes it somewhat  not a very creative tool. You will be able to record your voice, even your face as algonquin college demonstrates it but that’s all. You can’t really modifiy anything and with some versions of the program, you can’t even cut anything from your recordings.  If you want to do so you can use camtasia studio and that’s the main difference between relay and studio.

2. Its ready to use.

Indeed, the program is really easy to install. If you have power point, you can expect the software to install itself almost instantly. Nothing else to do except register and most schools have already registered for you so great.

3. Its cheap.

Unfortunately its not free. However, I believe that for a whole school, the program is not too expensive.

Now that we have gone through the different aspects presented by the company itself, lets see what are some other aspects of the software :

– Its a great way to easily use flipclass. Indeed, it’s so easy that you will only have to click and that’s it, it’s almost done. Since you can also share it with others, its a perfect tool for it.

– It uses power-point and since almost everyone nows about power-point, it gives the tool great accessibility.  Since it basically records your screen, you can also use other softwares which makes it very easy to use.

– You can also use hotkeys so you don’t have to go around and play with your computer while recording.

The only negative comment I can give this tool is the fact that you can’t really modify anything. However, you can use camtasia studio in order to do so.


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